Although the Apple Thunderbolt Display is discontinued, it's still a good monitor and can serve as a docking station. It has a serviceable webcam, loudspeakers, an Ethernet port and USB 2 ports.

The Linux kernel supports Thunderbolt. After connecting the device, check if it's listed by lspci. If it's not, you may have to enable "Thunderbolt assist mode" in the BIOS (at least for Thinkpads).

The Thunderbolt device manager for user space is called bolt. boltctl allows you to list Thunderbolt devices and authorize them. While the screen itself may work without special action, the webcam and Ethernet require authorization.

One time authorization is done with boltctl authorize. boltctl enroll remembers the device and automatically authorizes it at future connections. Check the boltctl manual (man boltctl) and the Linux kernel Thunderbolt documentation.